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Benefits From Using GPiLEARN
Today’s energy organizations are challenged by workforce shortages and an increased pressure to produce. GPiLEARN™ can help you meet those challenges head-on with web-based training that is not only focused on improving skills, but also flexible enough to help you create a multi-skilled workforce tailored to meet your precise needs.
With GPiLEARN, you can easily implement a blended learning solution that makes a lasting impact on your engineers, technicians, operators, and other skilled workers. The GPiLEARN training portal is populated with an extensive library of proven content that’s continually reviewed and updated. Better yet, you can easily customize that content to reflect your specific site, equipment, and processes. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy:
  • Deliver convenient, 24/7 access to learning
  • Create unique curricula for different job disciplines from our vast library of training programs
  • Schedule and track classroom courses
  • Store all your site-specific training information in one location
  • Earn college credit through GPiLEARN courses
  • Complement traditonal classroom training and qualification programs
  • Access compelling content with interactive features to keep students engaged